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Schedule for 2021

COVID-19 plans for Golf Outing:

We are still planning to have our monthly DLA Golf Scramble but have made some changes to accommodate the Covid-19 issues.  In the past we have made an effort to not pair couples in our teams; now that will be the first thing we will do.  The couples will share a cart and the individual player will need to ride alone in a cart.  While playing the scramble we will take our turns hitting the ball while maintaining the 6 foot social distancing rules.  We will make other adjustments as necessary for everyon's safety, hopefully opening up towards normal!

If you would like to join us, contact:

  Trish: 218-326-3824 or 

Joan: 218-246-9652   





Here is out 2021 Schedule:


May, 18th, Tuesday, at Pokegama – Tee Off at 2 PM

         June, 15th, Tuesday at Blueberry Hills – Tee Off at 1 PM

         July 20th, Tuesday at Pokegama – Tee Off at 2 PM

         August 10th, Tuesday at Eagle Ridge – Tee Off at 1 PM

         September 7th, Tuesday at Pokegama – Tee Off at 2 PM


New golfers always welcome to join us on the golf course and former golfers, spouses and significant others for dinner!!


Teams are made up from those who RSVP by a WEEK BEFORE THE EVENT.  Fees include a cart and carts are mandatory. Each player puts $1 into the prize pot.  Game rules vary to accommodate all levels of golfers.  Golfing is followed by dinner at a clubhouse or local restaurant. 


If you are interested in joining this group, please call one of the co-chairs to get on our emailing list with details of each event.  

We play once each month at a different course.  This is a fun day 9 hole scramble with some light competition.  If spouse/significant others do not play golf they are welcome to join us for dinner. - Fees will be negotiated in the Spring and will include 9 holes and 1/2 a cart, all players ride to keep the game moving-- we will collect $2 per player to go towards prizes -- see schedule as follows:  Please RSVP and do everything possible not to cancel, as it makes team assignments extremely difficult!

Trish: 218-326-3824 or 

Joan: 218-246-9652  



Blueberry Golf Course

Pokegama Golf Course

Eagle Ridge Golf Course

Sugar Lake Golf Course