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The Rock Bass Tourney has been discontinued for now, but here are some memories:


Rock Bass Tourney: July 6, 2013

The annual Deer Lake rock Bass Tournament was a big success in spite of the inclement weather. With thunderstorms threatening to strike and solid green precipitation showing constantly on every ones hand held mobile weather device almost 70 brave souls threw caution to the wind and made their way to Sherwood dock to enter this year’s gala. Everyone was a winner whether they caught the most or the biggest because of the generosity of Chris Vogl who provided copious free giant cookies from Subway and Ben Kellin owner of Bens Bait shop who provided everyone with a tackle box filled with jig heads, lures, and spinners. The categories of age groups had to be shifted somewhat because of a disproportion of teen entrants.

Winners in the 0-6 age group were Hayden Kennell with 35 and Paddy Murphy with a wriggling 10 oz red eye. The 6-12 year olds was topped by Sophie Steele bagging 28 and Quinten Bushyager snagging the denizen of the tourney a whopping 13 oz. Teens surprisingly large category was won by Wesley Mann with a count of 63 and Tori Routt caught the heaviest at 10 oz. The Pros division was won by Jay Swanson with 41 and Cal Huntley netted a 10 oz. All victors got rods and reels.

In all it was a great success and you can all anticipate more Large and small mouth bass and walleyes as we collectively gleaned more than 2000 red eyes from our bountiful lake.


Some special moments during the fish-out:


Notice the drops in the water and on the camera lens. These nuts are rabid Rock Bassers!


Yo Dude you got to drop a line in the water.


With these tight little shorts we're sure to attract some guys.


Who are those guys they've been following us all day?


You're safe baby-- I won't let those fish bite you!


Now what do we do with them? (Don't throw them back!)


Yo dummy stop trying to make him linger it's  weight not length that counts.


Alas!, I missed by only two, maybe next year I'll win a pole?


See how his coloring compliments my nail polish.



Are these enough to win anything?


After a couple of these the foul weather kind of loses it's sting!


 I could have caught more with my teeth then these yoyos did with their poles.



Last Year:

 Deer Lake Kid's Rock Bass Fishing Kaper

July 7, 2013

Sign up will be between 1200 and 1300 with fishing  between 1300 and 1500. Groupings are: 0 to 5, 6 to 10, 11 to 15 and pro angler. Entry fee remains a paltry two dollars, and all participants will receive favors. Cheaters who are caught weighting their red-eyed denizen or padding their count will be summarily tossed into the lake and disqualified from the tournament.  No other fish will count in the contest, no large mouth or small mouth, and no stinking walleye. Contestants who try to substitute sunnys or blue gills or the elusive crappie will be admonished and required to attend a fish recognition class prior to entering further contests.



 Field Report from Colonel Doug: July 7, 2012

(past Kaper PIX on separate page--see left-side bar)

The annual rock Bass tournament was a success but the crowd was a little smaller than usual. Obviously the lake participants without power and cutting down trees and clearing brush may have had some prerequisites a bit more critical than stemming the increase of goggle eyes in beautiful Deer Lake. However, we did manage to glean 1746 rocky denizens from the deep.

In the 0 to 5 year old category the largest winner was Astin Wright and there was a tie between Madison and Olivia Wright for the most, luckily their mother Heather insured us that the twins got along well and would share the Dora Explorer package.

6 to 10 awards went to Georgia Lewin Mills for most and her brother Lucas Lewin Mills for biggest. The pro category had only one winner with Brock Bushyager getting the largest red eye of the tournament at 11 full ounces.

Seems the other fathers and mothers were too embarrassed to turn in their weights or totals, consequently we opted to give three prizes to the 11 to 15 year olds. Jordan Routt won with the most at 47 and Braeden Bushyager netted next most at 18 while Shamus Murphy brought in one that weighed 10.8 ounces. There was some question about collusion with Jordan’s number of fish as she is a cute young girl and her fishing companions were males who claimed very few fish. A full investigation has been initiated and the suspect did little to alleviate her culpability when she nervously plowed her boat into the stern of a pontoon boat when informed of the investigation.

In all the weather held and we would like to thank Subway and Chris Vogl for the wonderful cookies and Bens bait shop of Grand Rapids for the hooks and lures.

The PIX:


 If we circle all the boats we can trap the Rockies in the center!


 I'm staying under the bimini--those yahoos on the dock are dangerous!


 Now listen up: for the last time, only Rockies count!


 I got one THIS size!

 Get out the frying pan, Mom!

 Wow, that is one BIG boat!

HELP!!  He's stuck and I can't shake him off!

 If those kids fall out its not my responsibility--I'm guarding the inside area!

 I wonder what would happen if I started it in FORWARD?

 I'm bigger than all the fish I see!

 If I get this many will I get a prize?

 But if I don't throw him back HE WILL DIE!

 All right: Sound off by the right flank!

 No, I guess it still works--these are just some tiny fish!

 No Way!  That's at least a pound!

The coolers are for beer, not fish--I told you kids that!