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   2023 FireWise      

Firewise will return this summer, 2023.

Brush Pickup Instructions (please read)

Tracking Forms:

Tracking in Spreadsheet (send by email)

Tracking form in PDF (print and send)

Deadlines (2023): 

Tracking forms must be submitted:

August 1, 2022 for both North and South sides of Deer Lake

 Pickup will take place anytime August 7-11,2023:

Please read instructions below to participate!

About Firewise
Firewise is about reducing fire risk.  Firewise encourages property owners to clear brush, downed trees and limbs, and other woody materials around their homes, cabins, and driveways to prevent the spread of fire and enable fire truck access.  You or a hired-hand clear and stack the brush near at the end of your driveway or near a road.  It’s picked up and taken away by the Firewise program.  It's for free if you’re a DLA member. 

If you have brush, downed trees, or limbs that you want to get rid of, Firewise makes it easy.   On the Tracking Form (see below) you include the time you or a hired hand spent clearing brush, downed trees, and limbs.  You also include time spent performing any of the other tasks listed on the form.  The Program uses this matching labor to help gain funding.  You submit the form to DLA Firewise coordinators by August 1st.  The next week the Firewise workers will come to pick up your marked pile. 

To Participate you must fill out the Tracking Form and submit it to on of our two Coordinators.

Find links to the Tracking Form options and more info below.   

You can also ask detailed questions about Firewise by contacting one of the DLA Firewise Coordinators. 


North-side of Deer Lake

Diana Lieffring, 36264 Christmas Point Tr., Grand Rapids, MN 55744



South-side of Deer Lake

David Duxbury, 315 Cottage Downs, Hopkins, MN 55305



North/South divide defined by

Chase Lake Rd on the west

and Baker Rd on the east

please click these links:

Letter from our DLA FW Leaders


Tracking Form in PDF to print and mail


Tracking Form in Spreadsheet to fill on computer and email


You must be a member of the DLA to participate.

Membership Form Here


Deadlines (2023): 

Tracking forms must be submitted:

August 1, 2022 for both North and South sides of Deer Lake

 Pickup will take place anytime August 7-11,2023:


Changes from past practice:

  • Firewise budget is slashed to 35% of former budget.
  • No chipper at UPM Blandin (burnt out and not replaced).
  • No biomass fuel centers (MN legislature voted to release XCEL Energy from biomass contract).
  • No work crew.
  • Brush pick-up plan is now a last minute determination every year
  • Only accepting brush/trees trimmed/cut from within the 100’ defensible area around the main homestead structure or to maintain a 12’ wide, 14’ high driveway access. Do not pull wood out of the deep forest. Piles must consist of material that either allows better access to the home or keeps the home safe from fire.
  • No flammable products (like woodchips) within 5’ of the home.
  • Instead of being used for fuel or chips, the picked up brush will be burned.


Your Firewise Coordinators:     

Diana Lieffring at 218-327-5332 and (north side)

David Duxbury at 715-377-2900 (south side)