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To all Deer Lake Residents:

The 2017 Firewise brush pick-up has been established:

July 17-20: North side

July 24-27: South Side


Chase Lake Rd on the West and Baker Rd on the East.


Here is the 2017 Firewise Message

Just a click away!

Firewise Tally Form (required)



Click these links for further Information:

Letter from Firewise




To sign up, please notify one of the Firewise liaisons:

        Joan Ratzlaff at 218-246-9652/e-mail: 

       Diana Lieffring evenings at 218-327-5332/e-mail:

The Firewise Team will also come to you property for a Free Consultation on the fire dangers to your home and buildings.  Contact Joan or Diana for more information.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Trim/cut/prune/remove dead, runaway, or fire-hazardous trees/shrubs.
  • Stack the brush, branches, and logs (up to 15’) in a pile accessible by the Firewise truck and boom (not under power lines please).
  • Get a Firewise Form.
  • Fill in the Firewise form with your name as "Volunteer." Other family helpers can also be listed as volunteers.
  • If you hire someone to clear brush or do other Firewise improvements, provide those costs on the form as well.  DO NOT include the Free Brushing Service (see below), because this is tallied separately.
  • Insert your hours spent for Firewise-related work for the entire year: stacking brush, mowing lawn, pruning and trimming, cutting, raking. Make estimates for the remainder of the season.
  • Insert the cost of any Firewise-related improvements: driveway widening or maintenance (class 5 addition), fireproof siding, new roofing, tree removal. No volunteer hours are needed for these improvements, only the out of pocket costs. (If you did it youself, then you can add the labor hours as well).
  • Return the form to a DLA Firewise liaison person by the deadline (Monday, July 11th this year) via email or mail to be put on the pick-up list.
  • You MUST submit a form to be on the pick-up list.
  • The actual date for Firewise Pick-up at your cabin will be sometime within the July 17-20 (North side) or July 24-27 (South side) window; be ready the first day!
  • We need your address and telephone number  (in case of unforeseen changes).


Here's more: Free Brushing Service:

This year, 2017, the Itasca Firewise program is offering the services of 5 strong, healthy, young men from ICC to help with cleaning gutters, trimming trees, and stacking brush piles (and other tasks as needed and capable) in preparation for the July brush pickup. These forestry students are doing this work for educational credits. They will work for 4 hour shifts at each residence.

Contact Firewise Coordinators, Joan or Diana, to sign up for a Brush Crew.    (The dates on this attachment are for last year, but the contacts are the same)

Please find attached the Firewise work tally form (above).  This is to be printed off, filled out, and given to Joan Ratzlaff or Diana Lieffring a week before the Firewise pickups.

The due-date is Monday, July 10th for the North Side

The due-date is Monday, July 17th for the South Side.

The basic intent is to encourage folks to clear the brush around their homes and driveways to prevent the spread of fire and make firetruck access better, all for safety's sake.

Part of the cost is a grant the requires matching volunteer hours to be logged.  These hours are simply the time you or a hired hand took to do the clearing and stacking of the brush near at the end of your driveway or near the road where they can pick it up and dispose of it for free.

The brush is not wasted, however, but is put to good use as garden chips, bio-fuel or other uses.