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ICE OUT 2013

It happened again: another foot of snow April 19!!  We had a worse April snowstorm last year that broke and bent many trees, but at least we had ice out by April 1.  This year, presently, the ice is still very thick and well insulated by all the snow.  It will have to melt from the bottom up, which it will...someday maybe in June!

Holy Moly Bullwinkle!!  6 more inches of snow April 13!!

Maple syruping made difficult.

Heavy snow does not last long over Deer Lake SPRINGS

 April 30:  Clouds create dark patchs, but no melting.


April 30:  Sunset reveals a contoured surface of snow and ice.

Ice on May 6: Not much change in a cold week's time


 May 9th: just 2 days till the opener!!


 May 12:  Opener come and gone with first signs of breakup as water opens near shore.


 MAY 12: That's a shadow, not open water out by Christmas Point.


May 13:  Snow finally melted down to watery ice.


 May 15: Still little change, but winds howl and sun shines giving hope.

May 16:  Wind and sun do some serious damage to the ice, now well candled from below and ready to break apart.

May 16:  Slight breezes push the ice arund the lake with little shore damage this year.

 Official Ice-out on afternoon of May 18