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Ice Out page for 2016


ICE-OUT on Deer Lake: April 19, 2016


March 14:  Ice-out has begun with temps in the 60 and most snow melted.  Hoping for a spring skating season.


March 17: More Snow puts a temporary halt to Ice-Out and renews the mud season :>(


March 30 :

Except for the fog and rain (not snow this time), little has changed visually in the Ice-Out process for the last two weeks.  But with a couple of 60 degree days it won't be too much longer, once we get past the weekend's freezing temps.


April 1

One more fool's snow followed by sunshine!


April 4: snow melts back on surface


April 7: More light snow all day; cold weather has slowed the process to a crawl.


April 12: snow melts out a bit.


April 14: open water near shore with both southern exposure and spring activity.


April 16

Finally, after 2 weeks stalled out by cold weather, a couple of very windy days with 70 degree temps brings Deer Lake to the brink of Ice-Out.

Kocemba Bay (behind and beyond Christmas Point) might be Ice-Out already.

Southern winds push ice ashore, tinkling and squeezing.

Ice Shard showing "candles"


April 18: only a few small patches of ice in the water (here showing the north side of Bear Island), plus some random piles of shards on shore.  This has been one of the most visually boring Ice-Outs ever!


April 19: Official ICE-OUT on Deer Lake! 

This year was one of the most boring Ice-Out sequences ever, with just fog, clouds and rain.  We had our first Loon Call Frenzy that Tuesday evening, just to be sure the Ice was Out.

And the next day, April 20, the sun came out!


April 20