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Ice Out 2017


April 13, 7:45pm

(In reverse order: start at bottom for forward).

April 13, 3pm

Almost gone...

April 13, 11am


April 11

Ice persists on Deer Lake under 55+ degree temps.  

Won't be long now!

April 11

Ice piles up on Christmas Point with northern winds.

April 10

Having ravaged the north shore, the winds from the north now push the remaining Ice to the south; Christmas Point now bears the brunt. Open water can be seen beyond the Point into Kosemba Bay. Loons, swans, herons, ducks and more have returned to set up their summer home on Deer Lake. 

Welcome back to the Lake!


April 9

With winds abated, we see morning fog over the melting Ice on another warm day for Deer Lake

(The dark patch seen in earlier photos has moved toward shore.)


April 8th:

The sheet of ice has separated with a long crack from Christmas Point to Mayflower bay and across to the north.  Strong southern winds all day push the sheet to the north shore.  Iceout won't be long now!

April 7th:

Light and dark areas appear according to the sunlight; warm temps persist; open water near some shores, but no piled ice (yet).


April 1

Warm weather with rain returns to start the darkening of the ice on Deer Lake.  Still over a foot to go, but little freezing forcast for the next week (that is not open water, but rather the last skating opportunity).

March 26


Late winter melting provided skating opportunities in March!