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The Beautiful Deer Lake Water Quality Initiative


For generations, Deer Lake water quality has served as a foundation for family life and lakeshore property values.  All property owners can unite around a goal to maintain and improve Deer Lake water quality.

Known as the “lake of changing colors” because of its blue and violet hues, Deer Lake now shows a trend toward green.  The 2013 Deer-Pokegama Study identifies phosphorus as the key element driving the ongoing greening of Deer Lake, serving as a nutrient for algae and weed growth.  Phosphorus enters Deer Lake via streams, septic systems, storm-water run-off, shoreline erosion, and precipitation.     

Deer Lake is threatened by zebra mussels, starry stonewort, Eurasian milfoil, and other aquatic invasives (AIS).  AIS are transported from infested to un-infested lakes like Deer via boats, trailers, bilge, live well, bait water, fishing and other water gear, docks, lifts, swim-rafts and float-planes.  AIS are not transported by birds, turtles, or other wildlife.  AIS is moved by us.  Introduction of AIS would be devastating to property owner and family enjoyment of Deer Lake.

DLA endeavors to arrest and reverse the decline of Deer Lake water quality by asking Deer Lake property owners to take action on the highest priority water quality threats during the period 2017-2021.  Your individual action could make the difference.

Right now we’re focused on AIS, Septics, Streams, and Shoreland including rain-water run-off and shoreline erosion. 


Learn more about the connection between your septic system and water quality.  DLA is offering financial and other incentives now.  Is your septic system 15 years of age or older?  If so, has your system undergone a septic compliance inspection during the past 10 years?



Learn more about the connection between rain-water run-off and shoreline erosion and water quality.  



For a full description for the Beautiful Deer Lake Water Quality Initiative, see


See also the many studies of water quality in Deer Lake found HERE.



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