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DLA Certified FiveStar Initiative


Resorts, Marine Dealers, and Lake Service Providers

The DLA Certified FiveStar Initiative promotes the Deer Lake resorts, local marine dealers, and area lake service providers that have voluntarily agreed to implement DLA specified-safeguards intended to preserve and improve water quality.  For marine dealers and lake service providers, certification means that they have agreed to implement additional safeguards to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS).  For resorts, it means in addition to specified AIS safeguards, they have agreed to safeguards regarding septic maintenance and inspection, storm-water run-off, and/or shoreline erosion mitigation.

In return for their stewardship of Deer Lake, DLA has agreed to recommend and promote participating DLA Certified FiveStar businesses to all Deer Lake constituents, including property owners and guests, fishermen, recreational boaters, and the surrounding community.   

In order for our Initiative to work, it’s important that you and your guests patronize DLA Certified FiveStar businesses.  Vote with your wallet.  If your preferred service provider is not listed as DLA Certified FiveStar, then ask them to become one.  DLA will accept and certify resorts, marine dealers, and lake service providers who agree to include our common sense safeguards in their procedures.  Some providers are even going above and beyond to win your business.  See below.   

We are grateful and thankful for participation from our founding FiveStar service providers, including Mike Holmstrom at Grand Rapids Marine, Chad Schumacher at Northland Service and Deer Point Storage, Matt Almquist at Outpost 38, and Joel Abenth and Gretchen Carlson at Camp Hiawatha and Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry.  Please click on the links below showing DLA Certified FiveStar Marine Dealers, Lake Service Providers, and Resorts.   


DLA Certified FiveStar Marine Dealers


DLA Certified FiveStar Lake Service Providers


DLA Certified FiveStar Resorts