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2022 FiveStar Initiative

Lake Service Providers, Marine Dealers,

and Deer Lake Resorts/Camps


FiveStar Lake Service Providers

who install docks, lifts, and boats



·      Grand Rapids Marine 218-326-0351  

·      Thousand Lakes Dock & Lift 218-398-7553  

·      JJ’s Barge Service 218-244-5194

·      Chad Schumacher 218-256-9691  

·      Matt Almquist/38Outpost 218-259-9997

·      Paul Grooms/Grooms Property Service 218-259-2157  

·      Fish Lake Dock and Lift  651-674-8581  

       Lake Home Helpers 218-969-5028


FiveStar Marine Dealers

·      Grand Rapids Marine

·      Ray’s Marine


Deer Lake FiveStar Resorts/Camps

·      Camp Hiawatha


Our FiveStar Initiative promotes area lake service providers and local marine dealers who are DNR-certified, savvy about aquatic invasives (AIS), have signed a contract agreeing to apply additional specified AIS best-practices and safeguards when moving from one lake or river to another, and are eager to earn your business.

Are you hiring installation for your dock and lift this spring or for removal this fall? 

Do you rent a trailer to launch or land your pontoon? 

Are you considering buying a used boat, dock, lift, or swim-raft?   

If so, choose one of the FiveStar service providers listed above.  FiveStar providers are working hard to keep AIS out, water quality high, and to earn your business.    


DLA FiveStar resorts and camps agree to implement specified AIS, septic, and shoreland practices. 

In return for stewardship of Deer Lake and other Itasca area lakes and rivers, DLA recommends and promotes FiveStar businesses to Deer Lake community members, including property owners and guests, anglers, recreational boaters, visitors, and the surrounding community.   

Please move your business to a provider who has earned FiveStar status. For our FiveStar initiative to be successful, it’s important that you and your guests patronize FiveStar businesses.  Thank you. 


For a comprehensive description of what Deer Lake property owners and guests can do to keep AIS from infesting Deer Lake see


Look for the FiveStar Logo on Websites and Equipment: