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ICE OUT 2018


Mid-Winter storms have covered the lake ice with deep snow. The nearest of three points is Christmas Point, as seen from the Pretty View on CR62 (above, toward the west); it is the same point as that in the sequence below (seen from the north Sherwood shore, southward).

Over 40 inches of ice have been reported on Deer Lake this Winter, and at leat a couple of feet of snow on top.


April 21: we have some Spring at 60+ degrees,

but the snow still covers over 2 feet of ice!


April 26: Some snow has melted, but can still see the wind-blow texture; ice near north shore in foreground has receded in the sunlight.  A bit of rain on the 27th helped melt the snow.


April 29: Strong winds from the south and a sunny day have darkened the ice somewhat.  The S-curve of bluish in the right foreground is not water, but showing ice.


May 4th: Suddenly, after a couple of days of 70 degree sunshine, it looks like Deer Lake is geting serious about Ice-Out!


Two Ice-Out photos from Bonnie Point, looking west, on May 6th:

"Pink River Running Through It"              Two photos by Donalyn Dealy, May 6th


May 7th, morning: Sunny, calm winds and 80 degrees makes for an easy Ice-Out on Deer Lake this year. Maybe later today? The record I-O on Deer Lake was May 18, 2013.


May 7, afternoon:  The islands of ice have been blown to the south by a gentle breeze.

Tomorrow it could rain and hasten the end of the Ice-Out for 2018!


photo by Leigh Golemgeske

May 8, Morning:  A bit of ice here and there blowing back and forth.


May 8, Mid afternoon: Rain and winds finish off the last of the cubes

(below: not actual this year which was dreary with wind and rain)


ICE-OUT: MAY 8, 3:47pm