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2019 DLA Shoreland Incentive Offer


Known as “the lake of changing colors” because of its blue and violet hues, Deer Lake now shows a trend toward green.  This greening is caused by algae growth.  The 2013 Deer-Pokegama Diagnostic Study determined that the nutrient phosphorus is driving algae growth, ongoing greening, and reduction in Deer Lake transparency.  Phosphorus enters Deer Lake from streams, inefficient and failing septic systems, from rain-water runoff, and shoreline erosion.  


Deer Lake is sensitive to phosphorus loading, meaning that additional phosphorus causes a disproportionate decrease in water quality.  The good news is that this sensitivity also means that if we reduce the amount of phosphorus running into the lake, water quality will increase disproportionately.   


Two shoreland strategies property owners can implement to decrease phosphorus input into Deer Lake:

  • filter rain-water runoff before it enters the lake
  • prevent shoreline erosion


DLA is offering a free expert assessment to Deer Lake property owners who volunteer, plus up to a $1000 shoreland implementation incentive payment to install and maintain a rain-water runoff or natural shoreline erosion solution on Deer Lake.


Free Expert Assessment

There are several effective ways to filter rain and other water before it runs from your property into Deer Lake and to minimize shoreline erosion.  To help you determine what’s best for your particular situation, DLA is offering a free expert assessment.  A qualified disinterested expert will come out to your property, answer your questions, help you assess your situation, and provide you information and possible solutions to consider.  This service is free to you.        


To participate or to learn more about our offer, please send a note to