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2022 DLA Shoreland Initiative

The Deer Lake Challenge


Deer Lake water quality is approaching a critical threshold.  Rain and other water runoff and shoreline erosion loads phosphorus and other nutrients directly into Deer Lake, driving algae and undesirable weed growth, reducing water clarity, and leading to the ongoing greening of Deer Lake.  Deer Lake is highly sensitive to additional phosphorus.  For example, just 100 lbs. of additional phosphorus would decrease water clarity by 9” throughout the entire lake!

Fortunately, there are numerous beautiful and effective methods property owners can implement to prevent runoff and shoreline erosion while accomplishing recreational goals.  Forested shoreline and shoreline ice-ridges act to stabilize shoreline, preventing storms, high water, wave-action, and rain and other water runoff from eroding soil and loading nutrients into Deer Lake.  It’s best to leave forested shoreline and ice ridges in place.  If your shoreline has been cleared or your ice ridge removed, it’s possible to add an attractive buffer including native deep-rooted and beautiful plants, a low-berm, rain-garden, or similar landscape feature that will filter runoff and prevent shoreline erosion.


  • Would you consider a vist to your property from an shoreland consultant to think through effective solutions to an existing erosion or runoff problem on your property?


  • This would include a general assessment with no obligation about how your property interacts with Deer Lake and the best practices for managing problems and enhancing beauty and enjoyment.


2022 DLA Shoreland Initiative: The Deer Lake Challenge

DLA offers you a local, objective expert -- someone not trying to sell you something -- who will come to your property, consult with you, and offer potential solutions for your consideration.  This service is FREE to you.  And no obligation. 

In addition, if you decide to implement a solution, DLA has contracted with a shoreland landscaping consultant who can create a simple plan with you, and for you.  This would include plant selection and placement, that you or your contractor can work from.  This service is also FREE to you.

And More!  Our DLA consultant can also:

  • help with sourcing the plants needed;
  • suggest installation contractors you can hire;
  • find available cost-share options.


Please contact to learn more. 


Your individual action can make the difference fo Deer Lake Water Quality

Maintaining forested shoreline and ice-ridges or adding a simple buffer and low-berm on your property will do wonders for Deer Lake water quality.  But if you'd like to see a Deer Lake shoreline restored in spectacular fashion, check-out this 3 min drone video:


To participate or to learn more about DLA’s offer, please send a note to