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Here are our Best Pic Memories from 2017-8 


Heavy clouds bring rain to Deer Lake               Photo by Donalyn Dealy




Deer Lake Regatta: Line Them All Up!!   

Photo by Trish and Jim Bogenrief


Or just go PaddleBoarding

after a game of PickleBall! 

Photo by Donalyn Dealy


Photo (and nest) by Trish and Jim Bogenrief

Loons have a happy home near Bonnie Point: all aboard!

This raft has been the nursury for two chicks, just hatched.

Loon raft history on Deer Lake


Another Deer Lake Sunset from Donalyn Dealy


Angling Before the Storm         Photo by Donalyn Dealy


Two more Ice-Out photos from Bonnie Point, looking west, on May 6th:

"Pink River Running Through It"          Two photos by Donalyn Dealy, May 6th


Here are the earlier stages of the 2018 ICE-OUT


Anybody remember the giant slide at Pinehurst Lodge in the old days?

More historical pics here!


Road Cleanupers celebrate after collecting what they found along the Road to Deer Lake


After a day on Deer Lake                Photo by Donalyn Dealy



"Sunset Afterglow"

(Photo by Donalyn Dealy)