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Septic Secrets Seminar

Video of Seminar still available!

Here is the link to the video tape:

Septic Secrets provides property owners in-depth information about how septic systems work, including how to care for and maintain a septic system so it can function during or beyond its design lifetime. Septic systems are designed to last 20-30 years, but can last more or less depending on use, care, and maintenance.

The Septic Secrets Seminar was held during the summer of 2018, and the event was recorded and is available here (see link below).  The presentation features Dr. Sara Heger of the Onsite Sewage Treatment Program at the University of Minnesota Water Resource Center and Craig Gilbertson of Minnesota Department of Health.  

Septic Secrets provides information that enables property owners to maximize their septic investment, including:

*the purpose of the tank,

*purpose of the drain field,

*the important clean-water role played by the soil underneath the drain field,

*how often the tank should be pumped,

*the purpose of an inspection and what an inspection includes,

*how often the system should undergo an inspection,

*the difference between pumping and inspection,

*whether additives are a good idea,

*how to prevent winter freeze-up, and

*when and how to determine whether well water is safe to drink for your family.

Here is the link to the video tape: