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2019 "Conservationist of the Year"

The Deer Lake Association has been awarded the 2019 "Conservationist of the Year" for Itasca County from the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts in recognition for DLA's recent work.  President John Davis accepted this recognition award on behalf of DLA at the MASWCD annual convention in Bloomington.  Thank you to all who have supported or contributed to DLA's ongoing Beautiful Deer Lake Water Quality Initiative.  

Some of DLA's recent accomplishments include:

  • Working with the Itasca AIS Program to enhance the Deer Lake public access inspections to help prevent the introduction of invasives into Deer Lake and to prevent the spread of invasives from one lake or river to another throughout Itasca County
  • Funding, constructing and making available Deer Lake Station for the general public and to Itasca AIS inspectors
  • Communicating invasives prevention strategies with private launch owners
  • Creating and implementing the FiveStar initiative to raise AIS awareness and to implement and improve safeguards among lake service providers and resorts on Deer Lake and throughout the County
  • Contracting with Great River Greening and working with the Itasca County Hwy Dept to assess and implement solutions to reduce phosphorus loading from Deer Lake tributaries  
  • Informing and incenting lakeshore property owners to inspect their 15+ year old septic systems voluntarily and to replace those that fail inspection
  • Creating and funding a $500,000 zero-interest 10-year-term septic loan initiative for those who fail inspection
  • Implementing an expert assessment and incentive offer meant to help property owners solve for rainwater runoff and shoreline erosion

As we did in Jan 2017 and 2018, the DLA will publish a Report to Benefactors meant meant to describe 2019 DLA accomplishments and plans for 2020.  This will be send to DLA Board members, DLA Conservation Committee members, and all those who have contributed to the Beautiful Deer Lake Water Quality Initiative.   

Again, Thank You to All who have supported or contributed to DLA's ongoing Beautiful Deer Lake Water Quality Initiative!