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ICE OUT 2020


March 28:

The sap is rising and Deer Lake is melting!

Any guesses on Ice-Out?


April 8:

The snowy ice starts to darken slightly on Deer Lake


April 19:

The snow all melted into a rough ice-top on Deer Lake


April 20:

Deer Lake is showing dark patches as Ice-Out gets serious


April 22:

Ice-Out gets much more serious as the whole lake gets darker


April 24:

Ice-Out on Deer Lake is getting close with sun and winds;

north shore sun melts out 50 feet


Ice piles up on some shores here and there by the wind


April 25:

Clouds over Deer Lake are reflected by open water:

I-O soon!


Evening on the 25th: the ice breaks up


April 26:

Strong winds from the East blow the Ice (cubes) to the Western Shores of Deer Lake: I-O any moment!


April 27:

ICE-OUT on Deer Lake at 3:47pm on Monday, April 27