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December 1

Ice begins to form on Deer Lake!

When will we have Ice-In?


December 5

Gloomy days, calm winds and freezing nights slowly work toward Ice-In on Deer Lake!

But a persistent open patch continues to delay the offical call for

Ice-In! (no, not yet)


Deer Lake ICE-IN on December 7-8, 2020???

But this sunset photo looks more like Ice-Out.

Please stay off till the ice is safe with at least 4 inches!

(other than the photo above, this was a very boring Ice-In year)


December 10

A closer look in the day with binos reveals open water in small spots,

so NO ICE-IN yet...


December 11

Gotta call it now with continual below freezing after the brief warm up,

and with odd black patches persisting but frozen over:

ICE-IN on Deer Lake: December 11th


December 15

Sunrise over Deer Lake with fresh ice.