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Ice-In Archive of attempts in 2017:

On the night of November 28-9, 2017 there was an attempt to Ice-In.  A half sheet of Ice greets the Rosy Fingered Dawn

But by noon the ice became Ice-Cubes along the shore


Deer Lake ICE-IN: Night of December 1-2:

and then ICE-OUT again Dec. 4-5!

Due to high winds, despite the bitter cold we have now!

As of December 8, the lake is trying very hard to freeze over again, but still open in the middle.  The far side of the lake is likely similar.  Ice-In soon, but with some very dicey icy.


OK, let's try this again:

ICE-IN: Night of December 8-9th

Snow and sleet right after Ice-In, so our chance for skating and boating has been dashed!