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ICE-OUT 2022

March 17

ICE-OUT on Deer Lake has begun with a week of temps in the 40's

March 23

It happens every year, it seems!

Mud Season around Deer Lake just got a boost.

Except we are in an extended cold snap with cruched ice everywhere making walking very difficult.


March 31st

The big snow from last week blew off the trees while the temps stayed cold, so very little progress toward Ice-Out on Deer Lake.  Just a dusting of snow this chilly week.


April 4th

It just keeps snowing during this year's Ice-Out on Deer Lake.

Forecast for warmth after more precip this week.


April 11 and again April 15:

More snow, photo looks the same!

April 6th

This photo might look just like the previous April 4th,

but actually it has snowed again on Deer Lake.


April 22-3: a cold rain over Deer Lake (same photo)

April 17  more snow and again 20th

Worst mud-season ever this year!!

Still no progress toward SPRING


April 25

After a couple of days of cold rain on Deer Lake

a dusting of snow whitened the ice again

Still very little progress toward SPRING

And still the worse mud season ever!


April 28

Finally a bit warmer day over Deer Lake

begins a bit of Ice-Out, with rain in the forecast.

And still the worse mud season ever!


May 2nd

First sunny day over Deer Lake in a long time

but only after more snow in the morning!

Warm temps this week should gett the melt going fast.


May 5th

Extra warm days over Deer Lake hasten the ice-out

but most of lake is back to white (dark from rain previosly)

the only melt is along the north shore

The worse mud season ever is almost over!


May 7th

See what a couple of sunny days near 70 can do!

Ice-Out on Deer Lake gets a big boost


May 8th at 9:00AM

May 8th at 5:00pm

May 8th

See what a couple of sunny days near 70 can do

Followed by 24 hours of 40mph winds from the south!

Ice-Out on Deer Lake nears the end.


May 9th: Afternoon

The winds kept blowing all night on Deer Lake

until all the Ice was push to the north shores.

But very little damage because the ice was so thin

that the sheets brokeup and did not ride up onto shore.