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Ice-Out 2014

April 7: Looks like we might be skating after a sudden warm day amidst the polar vortex!


April 11: More snow, cold and wind leaves a lake contour.


April 17: After yet another week of cold and no sap, a warm day begins the darkening of the ice.


April 20: the ice darkens with warmer weather.


April 21: a sunny day melts patches on the surface.


April 23:darkening ice continues.


April 24: cold and snow returns to cover the ice again.

April 25: Deer Lake woke up to another 4 inches of snow insulating the ice

 April 30: Several days of cold rain and no sun has melted the snow, but the ice-out reamins slow.  There is open water along this shore out 100 feet due to the spring bed located here.  But no movement of the ice despite high easterly winds with the rain.

May 2:  First sunshine in over a week, but still with many clouds and scatterd showers, keeping the melt slow.  The ice is now moving with the strong winds and piling up on the far shore.

May 7: Wind from the south finally breaks up the ice and sends it toward the north shore.


May 7  Almost ready for the fishing opener!

May 7: Strong winds from the south push the well-candled ice along the north shore.  More rain coming.

May 8: A foggy morning after a night of rain that melted almost all the ice.  Only a few shards remain on the north shore, while more blows around the southside and into the bays.  Deer Lake will very likley open for angler navigation in time for the opener.


ICE-OUT!! on the Opener, May 10