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 DLA Road Clean Up


DLA Section:

Hwy 62 from N. Bass Lake Road

to Christmas Point Road

We will not meet at the Baptist Church, south of the lake on Hwy 62, as in the past.  See Below for COVID plans 


2022 Coordinators:

Chad and Amanda Glader


May 27, Saturday, 9:30am
September 9, Saturday, 9;30am

Coordinated this year by Chad and Amanda Glader.  Please join us for DLA Hwy 62 clean-up where we combine community service and fellowship!  Gather in the parking lot of the Baptist Church at 9:30 am, corner of Hwys 62 and 177 on the east side of Deer Lake. 


Clean-up takes about an hour.  Afterward, you’re invited to the Glader cabin for coffee, snacks, and fellowship.  Please contact Chad or Amanda if you’re able to join us or 763-516-6589



June 10 after-party with  Doug & Elise Widen, Jordan Routt, John Davis, Kerry & Barb Glader!



2015 Cleanup Afterparty

Thank you to the DLA Road Clean-up crew from Friday, June 12, 2015:  Bob Baker, Rich Anderson, John & Donna Davis, Trish & Jim Bogenreif, Doug & Elisa Widen, Jerry & Joan Ratzlaff with Joan's sister, Barbara visiting from Arizona, and Gladers - Kerry, Barb, Chad, Amanda, John & Nori!!!  It was a perfect weather day, the roadway was cleaned up & great fellowship was shared!!

2014 Clean up

All photos by Kerry and Barb Glader


Here is the cleanup gang (no chains) from the June 2012 event.  

Rob Baker, Linda McNairy, Chad Glader, Phil McNairy, George Ritzinger, Pat Ritzinger, Jan Hill, Cory Lickess, Elise Widen, Doug Widen, Diana Lieffring, Herbe Lieffring, Jane Routt, Barbie Glader, Kerry Glader, Eldora Koski, Jonathan Glader, & John Koski. Photographer-Doug Routt!!

 We had 19 people and collected 12 bags of garbage and 351 ticks!!




DLA Road Cleanup Project




Many thanks to our loyal volunteers:  Jim and Trish Bogengrief, Margot Chatterton, Mark Hoffman, Bob and Barb Baker, Bob Hennessy, Bill and Mary Tuominen, and Gail and Bob Lyons.  Lyons daughter, Beth, granddaughter, Courtney, and grandson, Vincent also came along to help. What a pleasure to have these enthusiastic helpers!  It really brightened up the day.



Many thanks for for an enthusiastic , back-bending, final 2008 pick-
up on the Deer Lake Association miles-long stretch of dear old County 
Road 62!  Your reward is knowing that the environment, and thus the 
pleasure of driving on 62, has been up-graded for nature loving 
travelers.  The enclosed pictures of your beaming faces attest to 
your happiness  at having participated in the pick-up and the 

Many thanks,
Joann and Paul



The 2008 Crew:  Bob and Barb Baker, Stanley and Lovelle Meester, Mark Hoffman, Dennis and Betty Anderson, Tom and Glenda Kleinkauf, Bob and Julie Hennessy, Trish and Jim Bogenrief, Jim and Maralyn Fries, Doug and Jane Routt, Alison Schneewind, Doug and Elise Widen, Dave and Margot Chatterton, Paul and Donalyn Dealy, Jan Hill, Bill and Mary Tuominen, Gerry and Joan Ratzlaff, John and Eldora Koski, Steve and Nancy Klassen, Mike and Dar Nielsen, Mary Spratt, Don and Abby Marier, George and Pat Ritzinger, Tom and Pam Brown, Kent and Birgit Johnson, and our leaders: Joan and Paul Jorgensen