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Deer Readers Book Club

2018 Schedule


The DLA Deer Readers Book Club is a co-ed group, with everyone welcome.  It is fun to have both the male and female insight into the books we read. The reading list for 2018 was established at the end of last season.  Our host will also be our discussion leader.           

The start time is 4:00 for each date, normally the fourth Tuesday of the month (except September).  We ask that everyone RSVP to the host for each session.  Afterwards, we commonly go out for dinner at a local restaurant.


People interested in joining Deer Readers should contact our convener, Dave Johnson, at

Tue, May 29: Ray Bradbury, DANDELION WINE, at Bogenriefs.  Leader: Don Ardery

Tue, June 26: Colin Woodward, AMERICAN NATIONS: at Peltons on Moose Lake., Leaders: Alice and David Stark

Tue, July 24: Al Franken: GIANT OF THE SENATE at Mariers.  Leader: Abby Marier

Tue, Aug 28: J. D. Vance, HILLBILLY ELEGY at Grimsruds on Amen Lake.  Leader: Dave Johnson

Tue, Sept 11: Frederick Backman, A MAN CALLED OVE, at Arderys.  Leader: Jan Hill

Sessions begin at 4 pm.  At about 6 pm we adjourn to go out to dinner, most often to Cedar Creek Grille.   Please RSVP to David Johnson so our hosts know how many to expect and we can make dinner reservations for those planning to attend.  Please contact David with questions.