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About the Deer Lake Association

The Deer Lake Association (DLA) is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer Minnesota non-profit serving as a steward for Deer Lake, a public water body owned by the people of Minnesota.  DLA is organized primarily to preserve and improve Deer Lake water quality.  To achieve this mission, DLA represents or engages the broader Deer Lake community -- including all who use Deer Lake, depend upon Deer Lake, or whose actions affect Deer Lake.  Examples include anglers, recreational boaters, visitors, resorts, camps, campgrounds, guests, hunters, wildlife, advocate organizations, units of government, those who use or own Deer Lake lakeshore or watershed property, together with the businesses that serve us.  DLA also builds community by providing service, educational, and social activities for our members and surrounding area residents.


DLA Accomplishments

  • Protection of Deer Lake property values and our heritage of family-enjoyment
  • Leadership in aquatic invasives inspection, information, and communication
    • Deer Lake Station
    • FiveStar Initiative including Lake Service Providers, Marine Dealers, Resorts
    • "Canaries" early detection initiative including AIS divers, Detectors, and Sentries
    • Rapid Response Plan
  • Reduction in phosphorus loading from Septic and Shoreland practices through property owner communication and financial incentives
  • Reduction in phosphorus dumped to Deer Lake by streams
  • Community information events, including Business Water Summit, Lake Service Provider AIS Summit, and Septic Secrets Seminar
  • Volunteers who consistently monitor and test water quality, water clarity, and lake levels.
  • Purchase of Bear Island with matching Reinvest-in-Minnesota funds and subsequent donation to the State of Minnesota. Now designated as Wildlife Management Area.
  • Purchase of two fragile Muskie and walleye spawning areas in the NE area of Deer Lake, and subsequent donation to the state of Minnesota. Now designated as Wildlife Management Area.
  • Preservation of uninhabited islands on Deer Lake
  • Won effective water quality safeguards for commercial development on Deer Lake, protecting vital and vulnerable fish-spawning areas and the Deer Lake eco-system.
  • Established Deer Lake Legacy Investment Fund – providing assets and investment income to preserve water quality now and for future generations.
  • DLA Service, Educational, and Social Activities:  Examples include DLA Deer Readers Book Club, DLA Golf Outings, DLA Creative Endeavors, DLA Spaghetti Dinner, DLA/VLM Music on the Lawn, Deer Lake Frolic, DLA Bear Island Trail Maintenance, DLA Hwy 62 Clean-up, plus other special events.
  • DLA Meetings with guest speakers – subjects including loons, wolves, fish, eagles, bears, native wild flowers, shoreland landscaping, septic systems, estate planning, conservation easements.
  • College scholarships to high school students in Grand Rapids and Deer River.
  • DLA Neighborhood Communicators – our neighbors keeping us informed.
  • DLA Member Directory
  • DLA Website and Social Media

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Invitation to Join the Deer Lake Association


We invite you to join the Deer Lake Association.  Annual membership dues are $25 per family for lakeshore owners, $12.50 for non-lakeshore owners.  1st year free for new property owners. 


To join, please see, or send an e-mail to