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 The Deer Lake Association established a team of Neighborhood Communicators who serve as your local source for news and information about the DLA and our activities.  They will also serve as your conduit to the Board for any comments and suggestions you may have for the Association. Neighborhood Communicators will try to meet and welcome new owners as they arrive and help them get acclimated to our area.  Names, neighborhood assignments, and contact information below. 





As of May 2018


West Deer Lake Road (Access to Osgood)



West Deer Lake Road (Bogdanovich to Ges)

Dave and Alice Stark         246-2317


West Deer Lake Road (Owens to Hwy 19)

Rich Anderson      612-616-6830>


Highway 19 to and including West Thorpe

Maggie Hagman is filling in for Mary Jeckel during 2016:


Mary Jeckel                246-2263


East Thorpe/ Pinehurst

Maggie Hagman (interim)               763-516-4092    





Oklahoma Hill/ Maid Marion



Deer Path Area

Pam and Tom Brown       218-246-2565


Little John/ Little Itasca Area

Kelly Routt         246-9694



Camp Hiawatha Area/Sherwood Forest Area

Abby Marier          


St. Paul: 651-645-8902


Northeast Corner

Doug and Elise Widen                    246-2708  



Whitetail Hills Drive

           John Davis                        218-256-2793 


Christmas Point Area

Diana Lieffring                     327-5332


Baker Road/ Sears Bay/ Pine Bay

Bob Baker                        327-1807  




Bonnie Point/ Comfort Cove

Trish Bogenrief    218-326-3824               

Cell:  217-801-5077



Deer Lake Way: (Dziuk to end)

Lisa Dorn         636-233-1020  


North Portage Trail

Bob and Julie Hennessy        327-3480

Cabin:  218-327-3480      

Mpls:  952-831-8138



South Deer Circle/East Point





Area Communicator Coordinator

John Davis        218-256-2793



 If you are interested in serving as a Neighborhood Communicator, let us know by sending an e-mail to

If you know of a new property owner on the lake notify John Davis, Neighborhood Communicator program coordinator.  The assigned Neighborhood Communicator will send a welcome letter, a copy of the DLA Property Owner Handbook, and offer a one year free DLA membership to new residents.  Contact us at


Note that the above GIS photo shows the ice out on the lake (2013)