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Our inauguaral posting on the Forum's Page One is the letter to the Board from Dick Baldwin, long time resident and DLA member.  A second posting comes from Dennis Johnson: his poem "Moonshadows" was inspired by the beauty of Deer Lake in the winter.  I have contributed a photo taken on the lake as the moon rose, Feb 14th, 2006. Others are welcome to  post other such thoughts of interest, be they aesthetical or ethereal or ethical.

In the Helpful Hints section you can post tips on cabin maintainance, how to make a Secchi-disk, gardening and landscaping ideas, or just little things that work for you.

Another  page of the Forum is the Announcements Page.  These should be non-commercial mentions of any and every kind.  You will find several categories: selling, buying, lost and found, services needed and rendered, and more.  Perhaps you know of a youth who will be living here on Deer Lake next summer and who would like to earn some money mowing lawns or stacking firewood or hauling brush or painting and staining, whatever..., here is a venue to announce his or her services.

A fourth page is called Deer People.  It's like what used to appear in local papers, telling who is visiting, trips taken, fish caught, golf scores, and other tidbits. The DLA sponsored "Funtime Activites" will continue in its own section.  

And finally, an In Memoriam page.

Please Contribute to the Forum!

Send your postings to the webmaster, Tom Nelson: nelso885 (at)

Your (digital) photographs of the lake and its environs are welcome additions to the Deer Lake Gallery.  Other pictures can be found sprinkled throughout the other pages of the website.  Please send your best work to the DLA webmaster for posting so that everyone might enjoy.  Photographs of Deer Lake can be a solace and a reminder of summers to come for all the far-flung Deer Lake community during the off-season