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  1. Anyone operating or riding on a personal watercraft must wear a USCG approved Type I, II, III, or V personal flotation device.
 2. Personal watercraft must travel SLOW-no wake speed (5 mph or less) within 150 feet of non-motorized boats, shore (unless launching or landing skiers directly to or from open water), docks, swim rafts, swimmers, or any moored or anchored boat.
 3. Operation of personal watercraft is allowed only from 9:30 am to1 hour before sunset.
 4. You may not chase or harass wildlife.

 5. You may not travel through emergent or floating vegetation at greater than slow-no wake speed.
 6. You may not operate a personal watercraft in a manner that unreasonably or unnecessarily endangers life, limb, or property.
 7. You may not weave through congested watercraft, or jump the wake of another watercraft within 150 feet of the other watercraft, including other personal watercraft.
 8. Age of Operator Requirements: A person under the age of 13 years may not operate a personal watercraft, even with an adult on board. Persons 13-17 may operate a personal watercraft without a watercraft operators permit if someone at least 21 accompanies them on board the craft. A 13 year old operating a personal watercraft alone must have a watercraft operator's permit. The 13 year old must also be under continuous visual observation, by someone at lest 21. Any person at least 14 years of age but less than 18 years of age may operate a personal watercraft alone, regardless of horsepower, if they have a valid watercraft operators permit.
    Note: new regulations require a life jacket for children less than ten years old.