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Deer Lake Association Accomplishments
The Deer Lake Association has been one of the most active lake associations in Minnesota. The “Fly Over” is the latest of many programs that have supported the “mission” of the association. As a reminder, this association is sustained by volunteers, members and residents, here is “our” mission statement:
“The Deer Lake Association will provide leadership to preserve and maintain
the high quality of Deer Lake, the surrounding land and community.
Encouraging friendship and education of the community.”
  • Arial photographic analysis of the lake and adjoining properties to make residents aware of problems that could affect the quality of Deer Lake, so they can work to correct them. 
  • Purchase of Bear Island with matching Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) funds and the subsequent donation to the State of Minnesota who designated it a Wildlife Refuge Area.
  • Purchase of two fragile muskie and walleye spawning areas in the NE area of Deer Lake, which were donated to the DNR as a protected preservation area.
  • Secured from DNR, “no camping” signs for all uninhabited islands on Deer Lake
  • 3 in 20 Program - goal to increase Deer Lake water clarity by 3 feet in the next 20 years.
  • Lake management committee volunteers who not only monitor and test water quality, water clarity and lake levels but also septic systems, shore land buffer zones, invasive flora and fauna (with special attention being paid to purple loosestrife by raising and placing special beetles who are natural enemies of the plant and cutting the flowers before they can re-seed, plus providing flyers that alert boaters of the danger of milfoil entering the lake at launch sites), In addition, monitors zoning and ordinances, development density, landscaping practices, preservation and conservation, wildlife (fish, loon, eagle and nuisance animal populations).
  • Monthly maintenance and upkeep of Bear Island, so it can be enjoyed by all.
  • Spring and Fall clean-up of Hwy 62 in the area of Deer Lake.
  • Hospitality Committee who greets members at meetings and provides refreshments.
  • Newly formed Area Communicators – your neighbors keeping you informed.
  • Directory of all lake property owners – provided gratis to residents of Deer Lake.
  • Fun-time Activities for all Deer Lake residents (Book Club, Canoeing, Golf, Hiking, Informal BBQ’s, Ladies of the Lake events, Nature Hikes, Pontoon Nature Tour.
  • Annual Meeting/Potluck Dinner in July.
  • Annual Spaghetti Dinner in September.
  • Special events (this year we will be having a Fishing Tournament for families).
  • Guest Speakers at DLA Meetings – subjects have varied from wildlife (loons, wolves, fish species, eagles, bears) to fauna (native wild flowers, shore land planting, perennial gardens) and practical advise (estate planning, conservation easements, etc.).
  • Special Programs (our 3 in 20 program with a brochure on how residents can make this a reality, this year our “get the lead out” tackle exchange program, etc.).
  • Scholarships ($500 each) to a candidate from both Grand Rapids and Deer River High School who plan to pursue wildlife or lake management as a career.
  • Research grant to Itasca Community College for a research project to be conducted by ICC students on Deer Lake.
  • Service Projects for the communities around Deer Lake (Grand Rapids and Deer River).