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Lead Sinker Exchange

The Deer Lake Association is participating in a program to rid the lake of lead tackle, both weights and jigs.  Lead has been proven to be a toxic metal that has an adverse effect on the nervous and reproductive systems of animals.  Eagles and loons that feed on fish that may still carry from previous catch and release encounters can be poisoned.  So too, loons can mistake fishing weights for the pebbles they consume and retain in their gizzard to aid digestion.

Bring your lead-based tackle to any  meeting of the DLA for a free exchange with non-lead weights and jigs.  Or purchase this safer tackle at your local bait store.  (If they do not carry it ask them to in the future).  In either case do NOT throw old lead tackle into the trash: this is hazardous material and should be separated for responsible recycling.


For further information see these websites:

And on this website can be found a list of retailers of lead-free tackle: