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 Photo Gallery II

Our inaugural photos for the Deer Lake Gallery were provided by Arnie Anderson, with one taken by his daughter and another by his neighbor, John Linner (winner's page).  Both pictures capture some of the many moods of Deer Lake.  A third picture came in from Linda Ballard within hours.  Keep them coming! 

"Sunset"   Photo by Linda Ballard.   She writes: "I can't resist now that I know about this site--here's another picture from "our" end of Deer Lake, the northwest bay at sunset in August."


 "Bay View"   Photo by Ellen Anderson.  This picture was taken on the far northwest corner of lake, facing west.


Lisa Dorn sent in these gorgeous Deer Lake sunsets: (one is moved to the winner page)
Photos by Lisa Dorn

Here are some photos from Pam Brown on Deer Path:


"Clouds" by Pam Brown (looking east toward the Bear Island Straits)


"Eagle Jr." by Pam Brown

"Sailboat" by Pam Brown

"Sunset" by Pam Brown


Photos from Rich Anderson:

Photo by Rich Anderson of Nick Hagen-Anderson fishing for walleye at sunset near the western shore.


photo by Rich Anderson


Greg Rangel sent in this photo taken from East Point.




"Pure Deer Lake Sunset" taken from East Point by Stephanie Hunter


Ben Jeckel writes: "Last Saturday I was out doing some evening fishing with my father and brother (Larry and Chris Jeckel) when I caught sight of what might be the prettiest Deer Lake sunset I had ever seen. The reflection off the waves was incredible. Directionally, this is a northwesterly view of Outlet Bay."
Photo by Ben Jeckel