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Deer Lake Frolic


The 2023 Annual Deer Lake Frolic was held at Camp Hiawatha on Thursday, August 17th.

Music, food, chance drawing, silent auction.  The Frolic is a great opportunity for the entire Deer Lake community to come together, including residents, guests, and visitors both from Deer Lake and the surrounding communities, and also serves as the primary annual fundraiser for the DLA. 

Here are some photos from the 2023 FROLIC:

John Perkins entertains the the gathering.


Silent Auction draws a crowd.


Lots to choose from.


Deer Lake Coffee all the way from California.


Children ring the Bell to close the Auction.


Dinner Time!!

Chicken, corn, salad, beans, cornbred, and Dilly Bars for desert.


Former DLA Presidet John Davis sees all is well with new leadership from Jeff Johnston, our newly elected DLA President.

The Deer Lake Assn Frolic takes place at Camp Hiawatha in August of each year.  The Frolic serves as both a social get-together for everyone, and as the DLA's major fundraiser for the year.  Neighbors, guests, and the general public are welcome to attend the Frolic.  You don't need to be a member of the DLA to attend.  The Frolic includes great food: chicken BBQ, corn-on-the-cob, bread, beans, salad, and Dairy Queen dessert.  The Frolic also includes live music, games for adults and kids, silent auction, and more.    

If you have family/guests that Thursday, consider bringing them to the Frolic instead of cooking.  Tickets are $15 each.  Children age 6 and under are free.  If you are busy that day or are otherwise unable to attend, please consider buying tickets anyway simply to support the good work of the DLA.  Buy one for each family member!   

Funds earned from the Frolic are put to good use on Deer Lake.  The DLA provides leadership and a collective voice for preserving Deer Lake's fragile ecosystem, rugged shoreline, numerous uninhabited islands, and the magnificent hues and clarity of its water.  We are currently focused on keeping Zebra Mussels and other invasives out of Deer Lake, and reducing the amount of phosphorus loading into the lake.  We are also active in the community, sponsoring environmental education, funding an annual scholarship for graduating local high school seniors, and coordinating regular clean-up projects.  

A community event put on by the DLA for everyone!

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Frolic Pix from Years Past

The Lake Challenge Puppet marches into the crowd with Hugs and photo-ops.

The Boutique does a fine business.

Steve Lawrence and Tom Dimich show of their hand-built canoe.

John and Sandy Perkins perform.

Visitors from neighboring lakes join the fun.

The BBQ is cooked to perfection.


Line-up for a delicious meal on the lawn.

Serving lines dish out supper.

The Master of Ceremonies proclaimes that the Games Begin!

Water ballon toss.

Some get wet!

Kids carry on.



PIX from FROLIC 2014

The Crowd Gathers

Suddenly a Giant Frolic Puppet appears on the Scene

Don't hold back your enthusiasm!

The Deer Lake Challenge is a GeoCache for the whole lake

Lots to talk about.

Cooking up a Storm

Chow's On!

Taste's Great!

Watching Games

A kid reaches for a Water Balloon

Will he catch it?

Only the Frolic Puppet knows for sure!    photos by RA