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DLA Gallery, 2008

Here are the best pictures submitted to the website in 2008  by our continuing stable of Deer Lake Photobugs.  You too can join this club by sending in a pretty picture that YOU took!  The only requirement is that the photo be Deer Lake oriented; this means much more than sunsets, but perhaps a little less than family reunions (unless they took place on Deer Lake). 

Send in you best!

Be sure to check out more 2008 Deer Lake Pictures on the pages found in the left sidebar.


Fishface  Photo by Tom and Glenda Kleinkauf

Fishing  Photo by Lisa Dorn


 Canopy on Bear Island  Photo by Angela Brickley


 Lake of Changing Colors  Photo by Donalyn Dealy

 Lakeview  Photo by Lisa Dorn

Winter Lakescape  Photo by Holly Newton

Takeoff  Photo by Donalyn Dealy

Cast at Twilight    Photo by Lisa Dorn

Windy!  Photo by Donalyn Dealy