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 Spring Skating, April 2011
Ice-Out on Deer Lake

Ice-Out on Deer Lake usually takes place over a couple of weeks at the end of April to the beginning of May.  The average is April 24; the latest on record was May 18 2013, with anecdotal information claiming even later date during a year in the 1950s, and 2013 May 10 (1996) a near late date record.   The earliest was April 1 (2012).
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ICE-OUT as depicted on the Itasca County GIS Map, with 2013 photo background.
A Remarkable Early Ice-IN-OUT

Upon daybreak on November 21, 2014, the entire northern bay is frozen (and other protected areas), but stiff winds from the southwest have it broken up by noon.  (Southwest is from the upper right corner of the south-facing photo).

In the photo above you can see ice in the upper left (with SE sunlight reflecting); there is open wavey water out to the right; the middle-foreground (darker area) has broken ice swirling; and near shore (below the evergreen trees) there is a layer of compressed ice-cubes up against a snow covered ice sheet pushed and buckled against the shore.


The Ice-In also failed its attempt in 2009:  

High winds broke up the ice-shelf along north shore into shards, Dec. 22, 2009.

View from the northern Sherwood Forest shore, looking south toward Christmas Point.



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