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newDLA Newsletter August 2022


RAINBOWS over Deer Lake's Christmas Point



Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

are a threat to our way of life on the lake!

Please help us keep Deer Lake free from zebra mussels and other detrimental kinds of
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)!
The Itasca AIS Program is hiring for the 2022 season, including both for Level 1&2 Public Access Inspectors and for AIS Control & Monitoring Tech Crew.
It's very helpful to Deer Lake if we can generate our own candidates for these positions!
If you or anyone you know may be interested in serving as an AIS Inspector or Control Tech this season,
please provide them with this information as soon as possible.
These are great jobs for students 18+, for retirees, and anyone in between.
Last season inspectors were scheduled at the Deer Lake public access
nearly sunrise to sunset 7 days per week.
There were nearly 4000 boats inspected, with 137 hot water decontaminations.
All done right here at our own Deer Lake Station at the Public Boat Access. 
This special care for our lake saved the day many times!
Thank you.



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The DNR's Eagle Cam has great news, very similar to what's NEW on Deer Lake (eaglets of course!)  click for the cam



Pretty View in Winter on Deer Lake

(see more seasons here)

Here is the 2022 Ice-Out Sequence


Please take note:

click here for

Dangers of Rural Living

Information about


Bluegreen Aglae

Poison Ivy

Black Bears

And Much More



2021 Ice-In Sequence and more Ice-Outs

Recent record early Ice-Out was April 1st, 2012.

This chart gives water levels on Deer Lake:

Near record low lake water levels and extended warmth into October

makes for interesting times on Deer Lake.



Click here for the latest Edition of the

Deer Lake Handbook

for Property Owners!



Beautiful Deer Lake

For generations, Deer Lake water quality has served as a foundation for family life and lakeshore property values.  All property owners can unite around the goal of improving water quality. 

DLA is introducing the Beautiful Deer Lake Water Quality Initiative.  It long-term effort including AIS prevention strategies and initiatives to improve water quality by reducing phosphorus loads dumped into Deer Lake by streams, septic systems, storm-water run-off, and shoreline erosion.  DLA is asking Deer Lake property owners to open our hearts to the lake and take action.  Please join our effort to improve Deer Lake water quality.  Thank you.

For more info click here!!




DLA Frolic was a big sucess and ev eryone had a great time!

More Frolic details and Photos!


DLA Boutique

Some new items for sale!


Now available from the Deer Lake Boutique: 

Limited-edition vintage-inspired Deer Lake notecards, on linen paper with matching envelopes.  Other Items also available!

  Ten for $10.



Storms bring Welcome Water and Rainbows to Deer Lake

See more Deer Lake Rainbows Here

And please post more!



The DNR has several live cameras!


Check this out:

DNR EagleCam




Big Weather:


Seven-day cloud-reel


North America




Bear Island

Please do not use Bear Island wood for camp fires on the Island.

Be sure to bring your own firewood!


Anybody remember the giant slide at Pinehurst Lodge in the old days?

More historical pics here!


New DLA Deer Lake Map!

Deer Lake Map available for purchase!  
Includes names of bays, islands, fishing bars, and current and historical places of interest. 

Available for purchase from the DLA Boutique.  

DLA Boutique 

$40 for 24"x36" size on text weight paper
$25 for 16"x24" size on text weight paper
$30 for 16"x24" size on special poly material that can get wet!

The 24"x36" and 16"x24" versions come printed on Text Weight paper, rolled up and ready to frame or hang to your wall directly.  Print sizes fit standard frames readily available for purchase in local stores or online.  The $30 16"x24" version is printed on special water-resistant poly material that you can keep in your boat to identify bays, islands, and fishing spots.  (This map is not meant to be used as a navigational aid to avoid underwater obstructions).  Our map is neither printed on UV resistant paper nor with UV resistant ink, so if you are concerned about sun-fade please discuss framing options with a local frame shop.      

If you're interested, place an order by sending an email to Elise Widen at




 Interested in the Deer Lake Geocache Challenge? 

The Geocache Challenge is now ready!

Find the starting point at the Deer Lake Access

Geocaching is a fun scavenger hunt for all ages, which uses a GPS device and some  boating skills to find “caches” hidden around the lake. 

Here is a Geocache website with all the locations:




The Beautiful Deer Lake Pretty View



The Pretty View from the Deer Lake Look-out on Co. Rd. 62 goes all the way across the length of Deer Lake, from north-east to south-west.

Deer Lake History


Deer Lake historical postcards HERE! 



Deer Lake Photo Gallery

The year's best photos of Deer Lake and its environs can be found on the Gallery page.  Contributions for this year start now!  Please submit your best (digital) photos to the webmaster.  Space may require a limit of three pictures.  Photos should be lake-oriented, but this can include buildings, wildlife, people, weather formations, and other Deer Lake activities or scenes of all sorts.  Send photos as email attachment photos in .jpg format with largest size/resolution possible to Tom Nelson, webmaster:

A Boating Curiosity on Deer Lake 


Itasca County Interactive Maps

Here is the Parcel Information GIS map of the county:

IC Parcel Records


*  More Links to Area Attractions and Agencies HERE 

*  Look for AnnouncementsPeople, and Hints pages in the FORUM section--

*  We welcome your submissions

Hints and Important Information about
Cabin Life in Itasca County


About Deer Lake

Deer Lake is located in Itasca County about 12 miles north of Grand Rapids and about 8 miles NE of Deer River. The lake covers about 4,097 acres and is roughly 5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide.  There are 20.7 miles of shoreline (25.6 if islands are counted). The lake has no inlets and only one outlet into the Deer River. Its water comes from rainfall and many surface and underground springs.  Deer Lake is considered "ooligotrophic" indicating very clear water with low nutrient levels.

There were 359 private "improved parcels" on Deer Lake (homes or cabins) counted during the 2005 survey, indicating mostly high shoreline development.  An additional 141 non-improved parcels were mostly in common ownership with the improved, but recent development since 2005 has seen many more homes and cabins built around the lake.  The State of Minnesota owns just 12 parcels, the majority of which are islands. 

Often called the "Lake of the Changing Colors", Deer Lake's crystal-clear water contains minerals that changes it's water to a brilliant blue-green color on a bright summer day. This color, along with it's many islands and miles of scenic shoreline, make Deer Lake one of northern Minnesota's treasures.

Deer Lake's depth ranges up to 121 feet. There are many reefs and rockpiles, some rising suddenly in mid-lake. The lake has 920 acres of "littoral area" (where the depth is less that 15 feet deep). This rocky littoral area is great for fishing, but presents real concerns for the safe boater. Many anglers come to catch trophy muskies, but small-mouth & large-mouth bass, walleyed pike, northern pike and a wide assortment of panfish are also present. Very clear water presents a challenge for daytime fishing.

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Boating on Deer Lake       Photo by Sanna Pederson


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