Deer Lake Map


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Includes names of bays, islands, fishing bars, and current and historical places of interest.  Available for purchase from the DLA Boutique.

$40 for 24″x36″ size on text weight paper

$25 for 16″x24″ size on text weight paper

$30 for 16″x24″ size on special poly material that can get wet!

The 24″x36″ and 16″x24″ versions come printed on Text Weight paper, rolled up and ready to frame or hang to your wall directly.  Print sizes fit standard frames readily available for purchase in local stores or online.  The $30 16″x24″ version is printed on special water-resistant poly material that you can keep in your boat to identify bays, islands, and fishing spots.  (Though our map is not meant to be used as a navigational aid to avoid underwater obstructions!)  Our map is neither printed on UV resistant paper nor with UV resistant ink, so if you are concerned about sun-fade please discuss framing options with a local frame shop.

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24"x36", 16"x24", 16"x24" waterproof

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