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The Deer Lake Association notes with regret that the following members have passed away over the last 12-18 months:


It is with regret that we must inform you of the passing of long-time Deer Lake Seasonal Resident,

Barbara DeCoster

obit here




It is with regret that we inform you of the passing of DLA Member

Scott Huhtala

Scott Arthur Huhtala

An Obituary can be seen here:



It is with regret that we must inform you of the passing of Tom Kleinkauf.

Tom was former DLA Board member, former Neighborhood communicator, and active DLA volunteer.


His photos of Deer Lake underwater can be found here.


It is with regret that we inform you of the passing of

Gary Erickson

Longtime Proprietor

Mayflower Resort

Deer Lake


It is with regret that we inform you of the passing of

DLA Member and Neighborhood Communicator

Mary Jeckel

June 12, 1923-May 27, 2018



In Loving Memory: Matt Brown

Matthew Kelly Brown, beloved son of Tom W. Brown and Pamela Bellis Brown, passed away June 26, 2017.  Matt's family believes he would have been honored to support efforts to bring music into the lives of children who need this opportunity.  The DLA expresses it most sincere sympathy.  Memorials can be donated to the Harmony Project of America.


It is with sadness that we must report that Peg Brown,

Matriarch of the Brown Family on Deer Lake,

has passed away.

Peg Brown Obituary


It is with sadness that we announce the passing of loyal Deer Lake cabin owners, Paul Jorgensen (Hiawatha area) and Weir Sears (Bonnie Point).

Weir Sears' Obituary



Jorgy's Obituary




Lorraine Nelson, Cedar Springs


Michael R Woxland, January 5,  2015, Whitetail Hills


Patrica Maxeiner, Kocemba Bay/Baker Road


Gunny Gunzolly, Sherwood Forest Camp


Jack Zahr


Elenor Baldwin, Sherwood Forest Trail


James Larson


Valerie Shumaker, Doam Lake


Dr. Robert Whitter


John Thompson


Carl Olsen


Neal and Patricia Sorensen


Joseph Buchanan


Glenn Hill


Bob Lyon, Sears Road


Myron Nielsen, Sherwood Forest Trail


Urban Abendoth, Deer Circle Drive


Susan Hindermann, Thorpe Avenue


Phyllis Olsen


David Durham


John Andrie, West Deer Lake Road


Rita Isackson, North Portage Trail


Phyllis Olson


Dick Baldwin, Sherwood Forest Trail




Doris McNairy, Glenairy Road



Ron Schmidt, South Deer Circle Drive


Ben Anderson, West Thorpe Avenue


James Eaton, Hiawatha Bay,


Harry Blake Meade, Echo Bay,


Bill Forsman,  West Thorpe


Rosie Bristow,  Little John Lane


Marv Eggum, East Point/Deer Circle


Stephen Jensen, Echo Bay


Steve Refsell, Thorpe Avenue


Jean Palmer, Oklahoma Hill


Elvera Holmquist, West Point/Acces Bay


Katherine Johnson


Red Lundeen, Oklahoma Hill


Honey Threinen, Bonnie Point


Don Wonstrom, West Deer Lake Road


Bob Stokes


Wayne Bengston, West Deer Lake Road


Clarence Hedquist


General Ed McFarland, Oklahoma Hill


Gloria Grimes McFarland, Oklahoma Hill


Max Herboldt


Ruth Holm, Sherwood Forest Trail


Margaret Kennedy, Maid Marion Drive


Jane Graham, Sherwood Forest Trail


Russ Jeckel,  Thorpe Avenue


Our Sympathy to the family and friends