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Upcoming Events




Saturday, June 17

9AM at Camp Hiawatha

DLA Membership Meeting

Agenda will focus on the Deer Lake Environment

Board Meets prior at 7:30



Saturday, July 8th

4:30pm at Deer River Town Hall

(Board meets prior at 2pm)


Agenda will include election of Officers and Board members, reports from Secretary, Treasurer, Lake Management report by the Vice President, the President’s report and other committee reports including progress on AIS, Endowment & Preservation, Hospitality, ICOLA, Septic systems and water quality, old or new business. All DLA members are urged to attend and stay for the-


Bring a dish to serve eight- suggestions: A-J ( meat/ fish/potato/rice/bean dish) M-Z (vegetable dish/salad/ dessert)



Tuesday, AUGUST 15th,

4:30-gather; 6pm-dinner


At Camp Hiawatha

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The Annual Deer Lake Frolic will be held at Camp Hiawatha on Saturday, August 15th.  Games, food, silent auction and door prizes are in store for everybody.  This has been, not only the annual fundraiser for the DLA, but also an opportunity for lakeshore and townsfolk to come together.  Please mark the date! 



Wednesday, August 30th

5 pm at Camp Hiawatha

SPAGHETTI DINNER                     

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Our END of the SUMMER SOCIAL annual gathering will be on Labor Day weekend.

For all Lake families and children, as well as your guests.

5pm Social hour, 6 pm Dinner. 

Board meets prior at 3:30.



Sign-up Deadline: TBA

Pick-up: TBA



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If you would like to join us, contact:

Jim & Trish Bogenrief (218-326-3824)

Gerry & Joan Ratzlaff (218-246-9652)

Third Tuesday of Each Month:
May 23th, 2:30pm @ Pokegema, with dinner following at the Pokey Grill
June 20th, 1:30pm @Blueberry Hill, with dinner following at the Cedar Creek Grille
July 18th, 2:30pm @ Sugar Hills, with dinner following at Otis's Grill
August 14th, 1:30pm @ Eagle Ridge, with dinner following at Cedar Creek Grille
September 12th, 2:30pm @ Pokegema, with dinner following at the Pokey Grill
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DLA “Deer Readers” Book Club ’17

Tuesday, May 30th:  Deer Readers Book Club: LA ROSE, @Bogenrief's; 4pm

Tuesday, June 27th, Deer Readers Book Club: HEART OF DARKNESS;  @Kleinkauf's, 4pm

Tuesday, July 25th, Deer Readers Book Club: MADHOUSE EFFECT;  @Grimsrud's, 4pm

Tuesday, August 22nd, Deer Readers Book Club: CATCHER IN THE RYE; @Jan Hill's, 4pm   

Please note change of day from Tuesday to Wednesday:

Wednesday, September 13, Deer Readers Book Club: STORIED LIFE OF A.J. FIKRY;  @Stark's, 4pm


All sessions begin at 4:30 pm with dinner at a local restaurant afterward.  If interested, please call Coordinator: Dave Johnson.  We ask that you RSVP mailto:johnsond@umn.eduif you plan to join us, so our hosts know how many to expect, and we can make dinner reservations for those planning to attend.



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No need for prior contact; just come to the Island!
All Fridays at 9AM: meet at Island; following Saturday if rain.
June 2nd, 9am
July 7th, 9am
August 4th, 9am
September 8th, 9am
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Saturdays at 9:30am: meet at signpost near Baptist Church

Saturday, June 3rd

Saturday, September 9th

DLA Board Meetings are held two hours previous to our regular meetings on June 17, July 8, and August 30.  We will also meet at arranged times in May and late September, plus as needed.
2017 Dates TBA:
The following need an organizer/coordinator.
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The BBQ’s are usually held on the 2nd Wednesday of June through September.  We are looking for a Coordinator to take over organizing these events for the Association.  We have been fortunate to have volunteers to host and co-host each of these in the past but someone needs to arrange this with past and future volunteers, send out the monthly email and take RSVP’s so the hosts and co-hosts know how many to expect.  IF YOU  CAN FIND THE TIME TO TAKE ON THIS JOB IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.  If we do not find people who will volunteer to assist in doing this then we probably will not be able to have any more BBQ’s.  That would be a shame, as over 60 people attend these all summer – it is one of the most popular events and it sure helps bring lake residents together.  PLEASE SEE IF YOU CAN ASSIST IN THIS PROGRAM, please inform DLA President Tom Nelson.  

We ask the attendees to bring their own meat for the DLA Grill, beverage and a passing dish. The hosts and/or co-hosts will furnish limited appetizers, tables, grill, ice, paper plates, cups and utensils.

 The tentative dates would be:                         

June  14th - July 12th – August 9th – September 13th

It would be nice have a chairman to organize these BBQs, and volunteers to serve as hosts and co-hosts, but a BBQ can be hosted without a Chairman if the host is willing.  Please volunteer!!  You will have plently of help getting set up.