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Ice In on Deer Lake


November 20, 2014:  Morning Fog on Deer Lake, trying to freeze

Next morning, November 21, the entire northern bay is frozen (and other protected areas), but stiff wind have it broken up by noon.

In the photo above you can see ice (with sunlight reflecting) in the upper left; there is open wavey water out to the right; the middle-foreground (darker area) has broken ice swirling; and near shore (below the trees) there is a layer of compressed ice-cubes up against a snow covered ice sheet pushed and buckled against the shore.

Ice-in happened the night of November 24-5; skating and ice-boating began a few very cold days and nights later when the ice reached more than 4 inches.

                                                                                                                        Photo by Nancy Zupan




Deer Lake froze over on the night of December 5-6, 2011. 

It was not long before skaters had one very large sheet of ice to play (and feast) upon.


 Virgin Ice is still thin.

 Near shore you can easily see the bottom, and get a sense of the thickness by the cracks seen near top of photo (actually about four inches all across the lake on this day).

 Out in the middle skaters dodge around a mosaic of shallow drifts and cracks,

some of which had flooded to form short ridges.

Skating down the ridge line.   (photo by Nancy Zupan)

 The ice-day party stops for a snack on the ice. 

Note the fish-house out near Christmas Point.

 Skating over the bay to the Point, we find some ice-anglers getting set up.

 A Beautiful day on the Ice of Deer Lake.  The lake ice sings its boomy song!

 Wish you were here for a Deer Lake Ice-Day!