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ICE-IN Process, 2023 (almost to 2024!)

Scroll down to last Photo of Ice-In, December 30, 2023

December 4

Deer Lake ICE-IN is still not there yet. 

It might appear frozen in the photo above, but there are many patchs of open water and enough wind to keep them that way.



On smaller lakes in the area we already have skaters:

Stairway to Heaven on Otter Lake, just north of Deer Lake


And now back to Deer Lake:

December 5

A dusting of snow over Deer Lake shows vividly which parts of the lake are open and iced-over.

Usually the ice starts along the shore, but this year ice sheets with holes are in the middle of the lake.

Winds could blow these sheets hither and yon, or it could melt out in the high 30's temps.



ICE-IN melting away in same day (below):

December 7










                          Sunrise December 8



December 9

Snow returns to Deer Lake.

Open water out by the point; frozen sheet driven closer to shore by winds yesterday.

Conditions still favor possibility of a 4000 acre skating rink on Deer Lake.


December 12

A clear day on Deer Lake reveals some ice islands here and there in the open water.



December 13: am and pm

ICE-IN! on Deer Lake!

But will it stay Ice-In with high temps tomorrow?


December 15

 Deer Lake ICE-IN still holding, despite warm temps and rain.

Forecast of snow could ruin the skating asnd boating.


A view of the West End of Deer Lake finds open water:

December 17


Mostly open water on the western side of Deer Lake.

(view above from Deer Lake Beach on County Road 19)

East side looking poorly with small patches of open water.

Chance tonight between high winds breaking it up,

or cold temps keeping what ice is left.


December 18

ICE-OUT on Deer Lake!

See the waves and vapor out by the point.

Despite cold temps, there was just enough wind to open up much of the east side of the lake.

Cold again tonight with calm winds good for ice, but warm temps return for Christmas.


December 19

ICE-IN! ?? maybe not!

Iced again, including both west and east sides.

Deer Lake was still open in the morning,

and iced over when the wind died late afternoon.

But closer look finds still open water near Bear Island Straights!

Warm temps return to the 40 soon: Will the ICE hold?

December 21:

Back to Ice-Out on Deer Lake.

See earlier photos: looks the same as December 18th


December 23

Days of warmth and fog on Deer Lake

keep water open in the west with only a skim of ice left in the north-east.


December 27

Cold nights give a skim of ice on the open water near the point.

Melts out again during the warm day.

Islands of ice now form a shelf from shore reaching out to open water.


December 29

Sunset on another warm day with very thin ice and many open patches.

Forecast of cold days (and calm nights) ahead should lead to ICE-IN with the New Year.


December 30: ICE-IN! or many not till tomorrrow!

Looks like we finally have ICE-IN on Deer Lake after several attempts.

Assuming it holds with cold temps coming (a record late),

please take every caution for at least a week until the thin ice thickens.

December 30 late afternoon

It seems that there is a slice of open water half way out toward the point.

The light snow shows where ice isn't;

binoculars confirm a few other small spots.

Let us hope one more cold night will seal the deal on Deer Lake.


December 31

Believe it or not, there is still open water on Deer Lake!

The grey slice out in the middle,

where the edge between ice shelf and open water seen earlier,

is still not frozen,with ripples in the breeze confirmed with binoculars.

Maybe a New Years Day ICE-IN?


January 3

Still the same patches of open water, some even a bit bigger.

The record late ICE-IN continues into the New Year!

See above for photo: same view.


January 4

Let's try this one more time:

ICE-IN on Deer Lake!

New Record!

Those open patches must be still very thin, even with cold, calm nights.

Forecast of snow should settle it, if the snow covers the still clear paches.