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2021 DLA Septic System Incentive Offers

How old is your septic system?  A 20+ year old septic system may be a material contributor to the ongoing greening of Deer Lake.  If your system is 20+ years old, your septic may be at risk.  How can you know?  Order a septic inspection.  The Deer Lake Assn (DLA) seeks to partner with Deer Lake property owners in 2021 by offering to pay the cost of your inspection, and, in addition, and for the final summer of our 2017-2021Initiative, the DLA is offering eligible property owners septic replacement incentives valued at up to $6000 and more. 


Septic systems are designed to perform effectively for 20 – 30 years, but risk releasing pathogens, phosphorus, and other nutrients into Deer Lake once drain-field soil becomes saturated.  In practice, septics sometimes last less than 20 years, other times more than 30, depending on use and maintenance.  On average, at 20 years of age 40% of septic systems need replacement.  Ineffective septics are driving algae and undesirable weed growth in Deer Lake.  The only way to determine whether your septic is affecting Deer Lake water quality is for you to order a septic inspection.


A Compliance Inspection is different than a tank pumping.  Inspection is required by law when you sell your property or apply for a zoning (building) permit, but in the meantime your system may be a material contributor to the ongoing greening of Deer Lake.  In addition, waiting until you apply for a permit or sell your property may cause your building project or sale to be delayed while you remedy.  Best to act now.  An inspection is a simple procedure involving only hand-drawn soil-borings near your tank and drain-field. 


The Deer Lake Assn (DLA) realizes that septic system maintenance can be costly, so we’ve raised funds to partner with property owners to keep Deer Lake blue.  During 2017-20, 35 property owners volunteered for septic inspections at DLA’s expense.  DLA seeks to partner with you in 2021You don’t have to be a DLA member to participate


1)  DLA Free Septic Inspection Offer – a $300 value!

DLA is offering to pay the cost for your septic inspection.


2)  2021 DLA Septic Replacement Incentive Offer – up to a $2500 value!

If you replace your septic system resulting from our inspection offer, DLA will write you a cost-share check for 10% of your replacement cost, up to $2000.  In addition, a local, certified, and experienced septic installer is offering you a $500 discount from his usual installation fee.

3) 2021 DLA Septic Replacement ZERO-INTEREST Loan-Offerup to $3000+ value 

Itasca County is offering eligible property owners ZERO-INTEREST 10-year-term loans to help pay for septic replacements for eligible property owners -  up to $3000+ interest cost savings.


2021 is the final year for these offers! 

Please contact to learn more.


Deer Lake is nearing a tipping point. 

Your septic inspection could make the difference!