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 ICE-OUT on Deer Lake, 2012


March 17:  Warm days and nights bring foggy mornings.

March 18: Snow all gone; looks like more skating and iceboating (like last spring)?

March 18: Thin ice near shore makes access dicey.

March 19: An ice ridge out from the southwest shore.         Photo by Rich Anderson

March 19: View from far west shore, east toward point off East Thorpe Ave.   Photo by Rich Anderson


March 23: More morning fog rising from the wet ice.

March 24: Still at least a foot thick in the middle, but darker surface means melting.

March 25: Colder night brings a frosty surface.

March 25: frost melts back to dark ice; and the wind begins to howl!.. from the south.

March 28: after 2 days of heavy south winds pushing ice onto north shore, the morning breaks with the ice well receded and on the way OUT south!  

No major damange reproted...yet;

On the next day, March 29, the little remaining ice was embelished with some snow!

March 31: Thin ice with open areas and shoreland ice piles.


April 1: Looking just to the west of our usual view of Christmas Point, the east end of Bear Island can be seen.  Only a few remaining ice patches shrink by the minute as breezes buffet them about the open water, crashing into shore here and there.  And later that day:


Official time: 2:45pm, April 1, 2012: a new record Ice-Out on Deer Lake.