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April 10

Still Wishing for spring on Deer Lake,

Finally we have warm temperatures,

maybe a bit too warm at 60 degrees, suddenly.

Melt could find Spring-time soon,

but with flooding and mud.


April 14

Several days of near 70 degrees has turned the snow to water, with some local flooding.  It was thought that since we received a heavy insulating snow before a spell of freezing temps, perhaps much of the potential run-off actually soaked in to the ground.


April 17

Deer Lake turned white again from more cold and 4 inches of snow after several days that reached 70 degrees and melted out many a lingering snow drift.


April 20

It Happened again on Deer Lake:

another Spring Blizzard with six more inches of heavy, wet, tree-bending snow!


April 28

Deer Lake is beginning to darken,

but the previous snow's white retards the melting by reflecting the sunlight.


MayDay 1st

Warm temps, more rain and high winds push

Deer Lake into Ice-Out End-Game

with ice growing darker and darker!


May 3

Deer Lake Ice-Out pending some breakup of the sheet,

but winds have subsided.

70 degree temps might just make the ice disappear!


And by 6pm, May 3rd, the ice began to break up

under a slight breeze from the south.


Docks ready to go!


May 4th 10am

Ice on Deer Lake still melting away.

Sparce winds keep ice in middle rather than crashing onto shore.



May 6th

Only a few remnants of ice remain

buffeted about by SE winds, rain and warmth.

Ice_Out Imminent!


May 7th


Loons Back

Just a few cubes left in the backwaters

after 3/4" rain overnight