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ICE OUT 2019


April 8:

After a couple of days of rain the snow has retreated on land and formed puddles on Deer Lake.

Lots of ice still to melt! 


April 12:

A foot of wet snow has slowed down the melt, but temps are rising around Deer Lake.

Lots of ice still to melt under that snowy blanket of insulation! 

Not going to get a spring skating season this year.


April 18:

Several days of warm temps get the Ice-Out moving again on Deer Lake


April 22:

Several days of 50 and 60s bring dark spots to Deer Lake Ice.

Timed with the end of sugaring.


April 24:

Deer Lake Ice continues to darken. 

No open water yet except by shore. 

Won't be long with temps in the 60's!


April 29

Spring snow and rain hasten the ice-out process on Deer Lake, 

as the fog lifts in the morning.



May 1

Ice is fading fast on Deer Lake


May 3

Ice on Deer Lake breaking up and moving around with the breezes


May 4

Last of the Ice on a foggy morning over Deer Lake this year


May 5

Ice almost all out on Deer Lake.

Northerly winds push the remaing cubes to the southern shore.



May 6th, 9:37am

Only a few cubes pushed onto the southern shores of Deer Lake remain.